David King isn’t having a good week. His girlfriend dumped him and threw him out, he’s living on a couch at his friend’s house and pressure at his stockbroker job is building. Determined to change his life, he decides to dip into his family trust fund and buy a house in the hills, away from the angst of Los Angeles. His friend Robert, a hustling real estate agent suggests a home that just went on the market. And David takes it.

So David and his loyal dog, Sebastian, move into a hillside home on Beaumont Rd. It’s three stories and beautiful. On the social front, Robert’s live-in girlfriend, Felicia, sets David up with Jennifer, who is invited for a dinner party on the mid-summer night of July 29th.

But there is something wrong with the neighborhood, particularly the “house at the end of the drive.” David can’t quite understand why photographers and gawkers stand before its iron gate and take pictures.

Inside his new home, David begins to feel a sense of creeping dread. Unearthly voices whisper into the intercom in the middle of the night, shadows appear in windows, David’s dog whimpers on the bed and refuses to check out strange noises, something nearly drowns David in his own Jacuzzi and a strange electrician with dead eyes comes to the door and then disappears.

Between power outages, cascading blood in the toilet bowl and unearthly sounds, David is about to lose it when it’s time for the dinner party. Time to put on a happy face and put out the chips and dip. Robert and Felicia arrive with Jennifer. David’s immediately smitten with her and they both seem to be having a déjà vu event. But it’s more than that. Jennifer recognizes the address and the street and explains that “the house at the end of the drive” is the former DeWitt mansion where a ritual slaughter took place forty-six years ago in 1969. Jennifer is affected by this fact because her aunt – emerging actress Claudia DeLongpre – was one of the mutilated victims that horrible night.

David stares daggers at Robert for selling him a house so close to a mass-murder site, but Robert defends himself, declaring “where is it written in the real estate agent’s rule book that you have to disclose that somebody was murdered three houses away nearly fifty years ago.”

David gets on the Internet and reads about the killings, which took the lives of movie producer Teddy DeWitt, costume designer to the stars Jackie Roman, heiress Ronda Shore and actress Claudia DeLongpre. He also downloads an eerie interview with psychic investigator Eunice Sequoia, who believes that the DeWitt property also contains a “time vortex” where time travel is actually possible.

That night, David decides to visit the DeWitt property and see what might be lurking behind that iron gate – Felicia, Jennifer and a reluctant Robert, join him.

The calendar says July 29, 2015, but in a few minutes, David and company are going to be having a little “twilight zone” moment of their own. They’ll discover that only one wall of the original property is standing – the baring wall – and that the time vortex is real. One moment it’s 2015, the next they’re back in 1969 dressed in standard garb of the period. The house under construction is now fully intact and fully furnished. Everything is period perfect down to the calendar on the wall. While looking at the date, David then realizes that it’s the very night of the mass murder and, this time, the killers are coming for them!


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