Newly Released Photos

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A Message from Producer, David Oman: “Over the past several months, we have re-shot some outrageous new footage and then went back to the studio to re-edit and re-mix the entire film.  We also added some music from notable bands from the late 1960’s.  We promise that this will just enhance the experience.  Below are some behind-the-scenes photos taken during our re-shoots that are being seen for the first time by the public, followed by stills and candid shots during principal photography. Enjoy!


James Oliver (“David”) and Sebastian
prep for a scene.

L-R: David Worth directing Marco Greco (“Rich”) and James Oliver.

Sebastian delivering his lines, or rather barks, with conviction.

L-R: Cameras roll on a scene between James Oliver and Yusef Gatewood (“Clarence Greene”).

Director David Worth explains the rope scene with Jonathan Mangum (“Jackie Roman”).

Writer Jim Vines (Left) and Producer David Oman (Right) are visited by a special friend (Center) who delivers a cameo in the film.

L-R: Alison Raimondi (as “Claudia”) is comforted by James Oliver (as “Teddy DeWitt”) as the action becomes grave.

Henry and his gang.  L-R: Jessica Szohr (“Krista”), John-Dylan Howard (“Henry”), Via Osgood (“Shawna”) and Lisa Diane Morgan (“Tanya”).

Jessica Szohr (“Krista”) mentally prepares for one of the film’s intense moments.

Alison Raimondi (as “Claudia”) prays desperately as the horror begins to unfold.

Alison Raimondi (as “Claudia”) shooting one of the film’s special effect scenes in front of the green screen.

Angela Jones (as “Ronda”) in make-up for a bloody scene.

Make-up, blood and body positions are checked for continuity.

The cast outside the gates to the house at the end of the drive.
L-R: Jonathan Mangum (as “Robert”), Angela Jones (as “Felicia”), James Oliver (as “David”) and Alison Raimondi (as “Jennifer”).

Sebastian takes a break in between takes to review his upcoming lines in his head.

Producer David Oman demonstrates a stabbing with a fireplace poker.

John-Dylan Howard (“Henry”) relaxes from a busy 12-day shooting schedule.

Producer David Oman demonstrates how to seize and strangle a victim, using Alison Raimondi as his example.


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